Today the theme of Who’s Watching Who is guiding my writing as I draft a funny picture book. 

The characters include four mischievous kids. Their parents leave the foursome home, in the care of Grandma Mataji. Just before stepping out the door for work, Ma swings back in. Opening her arms wide, she squeezes them into a tight group hug. Then, handing two books, she asks older kids to read aloud to their younger siblings, and reminds them of two things. 

            One – Keep the house clean.

            Two – Do not trouble Mataji.

            Mataji sits on her big chair in the great room, directly across the kids on the sofa. Gazing at them, raising and lowering her eyebrows, along with humming some tune, she indicates to them she’s watching. 

The two younger siblings start a pillow fight. Feathers start floating in the air above and below, landing on Ma’s favorite decoration pieces. Mataji starts chasing and yelling at the two to stop the fight. The older siblings play the role of commentators giving a running commentary on the goings on of the cat and mice race. Laughing away like hyenas, the older siblings’ actions only seem to encourage the younger ones, until Mataji gets tired. She drags herself next door to her bedroom to take a nap. 

            The foursome draws the curtains, making the room pitch dark. Maintaining pin drop silence, they build their tent using the great room furniture, in preparation for camping. Quiet, the younger ones get ready to listen as older ones take turns reading aloud from the two storybooks. One of the stories ends with kids saving Grandma’s life. 

            No sooner does the story come to its end, the kids hear a loud thump coming from Mataji’s room. 

Did I give away the plot? I…don’t think…so. 

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