galloping horses

Surjeet prays to her champion, the One

Hearing horses outside, Surjeet navigates to the innermost room and folds her hands in prayer.

O my true champion, my Lord

Please continue to bless me with your strength and power.

So I can continue to serve and meditate on you.

The British are on their way to rip my Qaida,

My Qaida holds the many chapters of my life.

With utmost faith in you,

wheresoever should my Qaida and I go, my Lord, I know you will be there with me. You will always save my honor, as you know me to be your humble servant and slave.

I see no point in telling anyone my sorrows, as they will in turn only describe their sorrows, perhaps greater than mine.

So, I tell my sorrows to you, my Lord and Master. Only you can dispel my pain.

Please continue to bless me with your grace my Lord, so I may not tell my sorrows to anyone, but you.

Relatives, friends and siblings, want to meet with me, but only for their own purposes.

You have confirmed to me on the day their self interests are not served, they will abandon me.

Please continue to bless me that I shall mediate on your name, my Lord, day and night. Only you will help me in good times and bad.

I will chant your mantra. I will take my Qaida and Guru’s teachings and meditate on you. In the end, I know you save those who love you in their consciousness.

You are my only hope. Please help me and my Qaida, my Lord.

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  1. Hi Ritu!
    These are words from the heart – deep in faith, pain, and passion. The words could also include another aspect of prayer – guidance – to include the adage God helps those who help themselves.
    Just a thought!

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