Crying baby girl

Surjeet is born. Another girl?

“Another girl?” asked Surjeet’s mother to the midwife.

Midwife replied with a bright smile, “Yes. Isn’t she pretty?”

“But I have one already. I wanted a boy,” said mother.

“The creator created a beautiful girl for you instead. He gifted her with a voice loud and clear. I deliver daily, but never have I heard such a voice. Her cry makes me want to listen. Something special about her voice, I think if you pay close attention, you will hear.”

“I don’t know what you are hearing? She’s just crying like all babies do, annoying their mothers. She is no different, wanting milk, wanting more milk, more and more.”

Baby Surjeet cried at a high octave.

“You must think she only wants milk, but I think she doesn’t just want milk. She wants your warmth.”

“Hold her in your arms Beebeejee. She will make you so happy.”

“Give her to my sister. My sister should be coming soon. She likes all babies, noisy or quiet.”

Maasi came in time. She held Surjeet in her arms, caressed her, played with her and when it was time for Surjeet to have milk, brought her to mother.

Mother refused to feed Surjeet.

Maasi pried open the buttons to her own shirt. Holding her breast in hand, she inserted the nipple into Surjeet’s mouth. Surjeet latched on tight and smiled as she drank from a breast that had just finished feeding her own baby girl.

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