Who is my writing hero?

There are one too many, but I would like to mention some names. Jane Yolen’s work strengthens me. Each time I read I Am The Storm, I feel secure. Her perfect choice of words tugs me. Meera Sriram’s writing evokes nostalgia. Between Two Worlds reminds me of sweet memories I amassed, while growing up in India. Supriya Kelkar’s The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh helps me feel brave when I need a boost.

As I enter the literary world with Kara’s Dreams, my debut picture book, I know I will continue to be enchanted with wonderful books. Excellent writing is, and will always be my hero.

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Author interview with Jan Milusich

When did you start writing? What drew you to writing?

I started writing when I could hold a pencil. As a young girl, I used to write on newspapers, inside old books, new ones, on walls and even furniture. My muse made me do it.

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