Close up of pages and artwork from Kara's Dreams and Los Sueños de Kara in the story walk sign

A Look Back on that most magical day, when I opened an email from the Cashiers, NC Head Librarian, Serenity Richards.

Serenity had successfully pitched for Kara’s Dreams to be featured on the Village Green’s Storywalk. While reading the email, I vividly recall my nerves firing all at once, heart racing and beating drums to a Punjabi tune – Tuk -a, tuk -a, tuk -a, tuk. My dream of being seen on the Green was coming within grasping reach.   

Before this, I had gazed at Storywalk, reading other authors’ stories. And had spoken softly, only to myself – “I long to be here, sometime, during my life”. Little did I know that my champion Ms. Serenity would make it happen sooner than ‘sometime.’

What’s more! Serenity also informed me that an organization, Parents as Teachers, (sponsored by Jackson County), would purchase several paperback books of the title and distribute to all the attendees on April 27, 2024, from 10 am to Noon EST. 

I duly calendared the date on our social calendar and we planned our road trip to Sapphire, NC. This would be the first time for Prince, our 5-month-old puppy, a Bijon Frise, to visit his mountain home in NC. 

On the day of the event, I walked the Green, reading to myself my story, and feeling a sudden gush of happiness run through my body. Then, I met with the leaders of the organization and read Kara’s Dreams to children and adults. As we walked and talked, we learned about one another. Having savored those conversations, I respectfully stored them in my memory bank, with plans to unfurl at different times of my life. I will always remember those moments as moments well-lived. 

Thank you so much Ms. Serenity, Ms. Tami Threats, and Jackson County. 

The last line of Kara’s Dreams, “I will reach my dreams,” is beginning to feel surreal. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your dream and this wonderful children’s book with our Jackson County community. Our Parents as Teachers Program is richer for your wonderful and creative story. We’re so grateful to have a local author with so much to share in our midst.

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