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  • I Am My Light

    I Am My Light

    Dear Reader, I would like to offer a sneak peek into my next title. I AM MY LIGHT- is a picture book, for all ages. Based on my lived experiences of life, it aims to inform you and me that we are indeed our own light.  The obstacles we face in our lives, teach us…

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  • Kara’s Dreams coming to Times Square!

    Kara’s Dreams coming to Times Square!

    On December 20, Kara’s Dreams, recipient of 2023 Distinguished Favorite Independent Press Award by the NYC Big Book Award, will be featured in Times Square Bulletin Board, from 12 am to 11 pm, every hour, for 10 seconds each time.

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  • Interview with Vivian Kirkfield

    Interview with Vivian Kirkfield

    Thank you Vivian for this lovely interview!

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